Kittens and Cats that may be available
(Pictured above is IAW RW QC Bamboo Marvelous as a cub at 3 weeks old, she is NOT for sale)

  Sorry, all kittens have been spoken for. We are accepting deposits on kittens from the following litters.


 RW BCW SGC Forestrun Molicing of Bamboo
DCH Bamboo Spice Girl due 3/6/01
Bamboo Golden Charm due 3/15/01
DCH Bamboo Carmela Swirl due 3/23/01
DCH Bamboo Precious Pearl 3/30/01
Bundas First Lady of Bamboo F1 4/2/01
Bundas Shameless of Bamboo F1 4/6/01
Bamboo Abracadabra
Bamboo Chatter Box
Trendar F1 Amuretta of Bamboo

  IAW RW TGC. Ch. King Cobra of Bamboo
Cobra passed away on 2/5/01
and these are his last litters with
Bamboo Shang Hai due 3/8/01
IAW RW QCH Bamboo Marvelous due 3/12/01
Trendar Ambrosia of Bamboo F2 due 3/14/01
Uniquely Rasha Too F2 due 4/5/01
Uniquely Just A Peach of Bamboo F2 4/7/01

Bamboo King Samson SBT
Bamboo Chain Reaction F3
Uniquely Apricot of Bamboo F3

Bamboo King Turok F3
Uniquely Rampage of Bamboo

Bamboo King Tutankahmen (Tut) SBT
DCh Bamboo Snow Princess 2/25/01
DCH Bamboo Mischievous due 3/1/01
Desertrose Kismet of Bamboo

Bamboo King Leo F3
Catshack Lexica of Bamboo due 2/25/01
Uniquely Honey N Spice of Bamboo due 3/8/01

the Miniature Black Panther

         Our goals at Bamboo is to produce the best Bengals possible at an affordable price. Few catteries are producing the quality of kittens that we are and when they do, they are priced at double what we price ours for. All Bamboo kittens are sold with a written health guarantee.

Later Generation Bengal Kittens

Later generation Bengal kittens are 4th generation or more Bengal to Bengal breeding from the Asian Leopard Cat. They are the only kittens that can be shown in TICA and make wonderful loving pets. At the moment Bengal Kittens/cats must be 5th generation or more to be shown in ACFA.

Later Generation Pet Kittens

    These are kittens that are only to be used as pets and not for breeding or show. Because of our outstanding breeding program we get very few of what some call pet quality. Most of our kittens sold for pets are breeder and show quality. Bamboo pet prices start at $400 and go up according to their quality, but are greatly reduced from the breeder and show prices. We require a $50 deposit to reserve a pet kitten.

Breeder/Show Kittens

    These kittens are for breeders that want a good quality kitten that can reproduce even better kittens. These kittens all meet the standards, have no rib or tail faults or any other disqualifying faults. They can be shown and should do well and have no breeding restrictions, . Prices are $1000-$1200. We require a $100 deposit to reserve a Breeder kitten.

Top Show/Breeder Kittens

    These are the best Bamboo has to offer. They will have the works and should do exceptionally well at the shows. They also will produce cutting edge kittens of exceptional quality when bred to the same and have no breeding restrictions. Prices are $1200-$2000. We require a $100 deposit to reserve a Top Show kitten.

Early Generation Bengal Kittens

    Early generation kittens (F1, F2, & F3) are more exotic than later generation (F4 plus) kittens and because of their instinct to flee when scared, do best in homes without young children. Because almost all F2 and most F3 males are infertile they are sold as pets only. Bamboo bottle feeds their early generation Bengal kittens and does everything it can to raise the sweetest kittens possible. Because of their more exotic looks, rarity, smaller litters, and extra work they are priced some what higher than the later generation Bengals.  Male pet prices start at $800 for F2's and F3's. Breeder females start at $2000 for F2's and $1500 for F3's. We require a $100 deposit to reserve an early generation Bengal kitten.

Reserving a Kitten !!!!

    If you would like to reserve a Bengal kitten or be placed on our waiting list, please send the appropriate  deposit to Marie Bloodgood 11290 N. Dixie Hwy., Bonnieville, KY 42713 and please email us at  or call us at (270) 531-7966 and let us know the sex, type, color, quality, and if for a pet, breeder, or show.
    Deposits are refundable or transferable on pre-ordered kittens (not born yet). Once a deposit is place on a certain living kitten, refunds will not be transferable or refundable unless the kitten proves to not be of the quality first thought. We require a deposit to make sure that the customer is serious about buying a Bamboo Bengal.
    For your convenience deposits and payments can be sent through Paypal at  www.paypal.comMake payment to:

 Also please remember to bookmark this page to check back with us.


        We raise each kitten in our home as part of our family so we  prefer that our customers pick up their kitten, so we can meet them face to face.
    Since this is not always feasible for everyone, we do ship from Louisville International Airport. Bamboo supplies the health certificate, carrier, and transportation to the Louisville Airport. Buyer is responsible for all other shipping expenses. It cost about $95 to $140 to ship one or two kittens (same crate) any where in the US.

Feb 6, 2001



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