Mountain View CurTM
By Michael J. Bloodgood
     I obtained our first pair of yellow Mt. Cur pups in 1973. They turned out to be good tree dogs but lacked the nose to be great tree dogs, so they were sold and replaced with hounds.

Mike Bloodgood with his first Yellow Mtn. Curs in 1973
(Kate & Rusty at 10 months old)

     After owning, raising, and training some outstanding coon hounds under the Black River Kennel name for over 20 years and finding it harder and harder to find good hounds that handled well, we remembered our first Mt. Curs and tried to locate some good Mt. Cur's that could tree every bit as good, but would handle better than our great hounds of that time.

Mike Bloodgood with Black River Angel 1985

PA State Nt. Ch. Black River Rambler 1986

     In 1987 the Mountain View Kennel was formed in Afton, New York and was owned and operated by Michael and Marie Bloodgood, now of Bonnieville, Kentucky.

     The search for curs that could fit this bill, proved to be a very difficult and challenging task. Always liking a challenge and having a good paying job as an Aerospace Machinist, we spared no expense and tried 56 OMCBA registered Mt. Curs, only finding 6 that we considered to be top tree dogs. We found that 4 of the 6 were of a certain stock or ancestry. When checking our records, we found that half of the 56 Mt. Curs tried were of the same  breeding ( Kemmer bred). Thatís 4 out of 28 dogs tried. I know of another breeder in Canada that tried the Kemmer Stock and only got 1 out of 29. So we knew it probably wasn't  just our bad luck.

     We concentrated on these 4 registered Original Mt. Curs,  three females and one young male, because they were all related. One female was removed because her pups lacked brains and ability and in 1991 one female (Mtn. View Gypsie) was culled because of her grand sire was found to be a "Pit bull" and she produced very ill tempered dogs when they matured. This left one exceptional reproducing female (Mtn. View Dance) and one exceptional male (Mtn. View Gold Nugget) the first two corner stones for the  foundation of the Mountain View Cur breed. Thatís 2 out of 56 OMCBA registered, or 2 out of 28 Kemmer bred.

H/F CTD Mtn. View Dance
See Hall of Fame for a full list of titles erned.

H/F CTD Mtn. View Guld Nugget
at 3 months old Treeing!
See Hall of Fame for a full list of titles erned.

Later another outstanding  male cousin to Mtn. View Gold Nugget (Mtn. View Buckshot) and an outstanding female (Mtn. View KY Lady) was added because of their outstanding natural treeing abilities, to the breeding program and they proved themselves as great reproducers as well.

H/F CTD Mtn. View Buckshot
See Hall of Fame for a full list of titles.

H/F CTD Mtn. View KY Lady
See Hall of Fame for a full list of titles.

All of the IPDBA registered dogs today carry all four of these dogs in their blood lines. A few other select good Mt Curs had been test bred, to widen the gene pool, but were all found to be producers of pups that were not of the same high percentage nor quality, so were not added into the breed, with the excepting being Down's Anne who was added to 

     In 1992 the Kemmer Stock Breeders Association Registry was started, and in an effort to keep the line pure as possible, we registered our curs with them. When the KSBA began they started with all pure Kemmer bred Mt. Curs. But many practice breeding non-proven tree dogs (some culls) and continuing to register other stocks of curs (Busher, York, Streak, etc.) regardless of breeding and crossing one stock with another was becoming the norm.

    While serving as KSBA President and Director, I tried to get the club to follow its own Constitution to preserve this breed, but most of the leadership seemed more interested in making  money to purchase land and building  a club house at that time, than in preserving the dogs and improving the BREED.

    We competition them against all breeds and won the National Coon Championship 4 years in a row in four different States, Winning the North Eastern Classic Nite Hunt, Sq. Hunt and Show, Winning the Kentucky State Championship, plus many of our male and female MVC's became NT.CH., SQ.CH., & Show CH.'s as well as Gr. Nt.Ch., as well 1995 Sunshine Mills High Point Male and Female of the Year and much more.  In 12 hunts, our MVC's won EVERY Cast beating every dog they were hunted with and had 9 firsts, 2 seconds and 1 third place. Because of their domination in the hunts, it was clear that we were being taken to brush lots full of rabbits, instead of coon or squirrel woods or corn fields, like other casts. Our MVC's managed to beat every dog in their cast every time no matter the conditions.

     Realizing that the MOUNTAIN VIEW CUR quality was unique from most other OMCBA and KSBA registered dogs and fearing of loosing this natural treeing bloodline and outstanding reproducing qualities if we stayed, eleven dedicated Mt. Cur breeders who all had our dogs and also felt they needed to be preserved them for generations to come, including myself all resigned from the KSBA.

The Mountain View CurTM

     These eleven founders felt that to preserve them from being crossed bred with other Mt. Curs, they should be register as a separate breed and with a registry that would "certify tree dogs" before they would be used for breeding, and would assure us that no other stock could be registered in their breed.

     In  April of 1995 the American Squirrel and Night Hunters Assoc. was chosen to hold the Mountian View Cur registry. The name Mountain View Cur was chosen for two reasons. One was that the founders knew of the great reputation of Mountain View Kennel and it being well known in the cur dog world already. The second reason was that Mrs. Kemmer asked us not to use their name or to give them any credit. Since the Kemmer's didn't want credit for all 28 including the 24 bad ones, the founders could understand why.

     Because of  policy changes after they were registered in the ASANHA to no longer certify tree dogs before they could be used for breeding, the Breed Advisers felt that the Mountain View Curģ should find a registry that would certify the dogs as tree dogs as ASANHA had originally promised, so in the fall of 1996 the Mountain View Cur Registry was formed as a subsidiary of the International Progressive Dog Breeders' AllianceTM (All breed Registry) until enough Mtn. View Curs were registered to be eligible for IPDBA registration. In 2001 Mountain View Curs were then eligible to be registered with the same strict policies of certification in the International Progressive Dog Breeders' Alliance 'IPDBA' registry.  IPDBA recognizes over 500 dog breeds around the world and has over 4 million dogs in it's all breed data base today.

    The MOUNTAIN VIEW CUR trademark is owned by Michael J. and Marie A. Bloodgood, of Bonnieville, Kentucky and  may only be used with their authorization and is not to be use by any other dog registry, or persons without permission.

    Permission to use the MOUNTAIN VIEW CURTM  name has only been given to the International Progressive Dog Breeders' Alliance (Registry) to assure certification will be enforced before any MVC can be used for breeding. The MOUNTAIN VIEW CURTM is an established purebred, no longer recognized as a family line or stock within a breed, but a separate unique breed that will stay a pure unique breed.

    Our motto has always been to "Breed for Quality, not Quantity, on Ability, not Myth".

    Because, the MVC's has excelled in so many canine fields, with many genes being lost and no credit given, the MVCA now allows the following types of Certification for the Mountain View Cur Breed;

1. Certified Tree Dog  (CTD) 4. Cert. Antler Shed Dog (CSD)
2. Certified Decoy Dog (CDD) 4. Drug Dog Certified (DDC)
3. Search/Rescue Certified (SRC) 5. Bomb Dog Certified (BDC)
These are all recognized IPDBA titles and all MVC's MUST have at least ONE or more Certifications, to be permanently registered and used for breeding.

Please, be advised that after receiving dozens of complaints each year from their many unsatisfied customers, which include several questionable litter registrations, plus several attempts of avoiding or cheating the certification process,  many complaints of running a Puppy Mill, not abiding by their word/guarantees, for giving of false witness of other MVC breeders and about their dogs bloodlines, continuing to sell known aggressive non-pure bloodlines, and knowingly selling Parvo sick pups without proper vaccinations and many complaints of mix breeding with Mt. Fiests and selling pups as MVC's without MVC papers and from non-certified parents.

In 2013 Roy Pennell, owner of Pennell's Treeing Kennel, in Elizabethtown, Illinois, has been found guilty of committing several MVCA Code of Ethics Violations and has been BANDED indefinitely from the MVCA and from ALL future IPDBA registrations.

The Pennell's have forfeited all rights of use of the Mountain View Cur Trade Mark and are no longer permitted to "promote", "offer for sale", or "register" their dogs as "Mountain View Curs" or any part of in ANY advertisements or in or with ANY other registry.

Please Note!

MR. PENNELL DID NOT HAVE THE SAME BLOODLINES!  Example: Mtn. View Gypsie was an outstanding tree dog, but bloodline was culled in 1991 by Mountain View Kennel, LLC. even before becoming the Mountain View Cur breed, because of her offspring being over aggressive toward other dogs and even toward some people as adults. In fact, 8 of her pups had to be put down for it. It was found out, that there were some Pit-Bull dogs registered as Mt. Curs in her ancestry, so all dogs with her line were removed from Mountain View Kennel, LLC. breeding program.

Unfortunately, just to produce brindle colored pups and against the Bloodgood's strong concerns, Mr. Pennell introduced dogs to his program who had Gypsie in their pedigrees. He was informed of Mountain View Kennel's strong concerns and he was told of some outstanding brindle MVCs in MA, ME, and NH. That were descendants  CTD Mtn. View Red Rose who produced outstanding Brindle MVC pups with excellent temperaments, without any Pit-Bull blood or over aggressive traits, but Mr. Pennell was not interested in them, because he was able to get three of Gypsy's offspring for a few hundred dollars each.

As expected, bringing back a bloodline that had been culled by the founder's, proved to produce ill tempered pups once again, even generations later and the MVCA and IPDBA started receiving many complaints within a year about Mr. Pennel's dogs, that were tree fighting and being over aggressive.

Mr. Pennell started his program with the same guarantees as Mountain View Kennel, soon removed all guarantees and was finally banned in 2013 for many COE violations and the Gypsie bloodline was finally permanently banned from ALL future MVC breeding programs. No litters with "Mtn. View Gypsie" or her daughter "Sundown Treetop Tipper"(who could not be hunted with other dogs or even with strangers) in their pedigree can be registered in IPDBA today. So please DO NOT BE FOOLED, he had aggressive bloodlines not found in any other MVC breeders programs. ONLY the current MVCA Breeders are still getting 99% Satisfaction and can be trusted to abide by their guarantees.

ONLY, the IPDBA registry has legal permission to use the Mountain View Cur or 'MVC' Trade Mark name (Please, see MVCA Code of Ethics) and IPDBA is the Official  Registry of the "Mountain View Cur" breed.

ALL Trade Mark violators including other registries and/or persons will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Trade Mark law.

Please, report all COE and/or Trade Mark violations to MVCA and/or to IPDBA registry.

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