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         The Mountain View Cur Association TM, accepts breeder's  Classified ads in good faith. MVCA accepts no responsibility for any unethical dealings. Those listed have signed a MVCA Code of Ethics and are raising true IPDBA Registered "Mountain View Curs" and are out of  100% inspected Certified Dogs ONLY, for many generations.

MVCA now allows the following types of Certification for the Mountain View Cur Breed;

1. Certified Tree Dog  (CTD)

2. Certified Decoy Dog (CDD) 4. Drug Dog Certified (DDC)
3. Search/Rescue Certified (SRC) 5. Bomb Dog Certified (BDC)

These are all recognized IPDBA titles and all MVC's MUST have at least ONE or more Certifications, to be permanently registered and used for breeding. If you have good dogs, there is no reason not to first certify your dogs before breeding them, unless you are running a Puppy Mill!

All advertisers below have signed the MVCATM Code of Ethics/contract. Because of their strict breeding requirements, most breeders who raise a few litters annually do not require advertising to place their MVC pups, so you will never see more than a few breeder's listed at one time. Make no mistake the MVC are still available and are improving the percentage of OUTSTANDING dogs every generation and the BEST satisfaction record (99.5%) of ANY breed.

MVC Breeders' Wanted!
Free listings for owners of certified IPDBA breeding MVC's.

Our 31st Anniversary!!

Breeding pure proven Mt. Cur bloodlines of the Very Best producing "Certified Tree Dogs" to the Very Best producing "Certified Tree Dogs" generation after generation of OUTSTANDING Mt. Curs Since 1987

1990 Litter of MVC's "Clones"
2008 Litter of MVC's "Clones"
As you can see our litters are uniformed in their looks as well as their strong Natural Tree-Dog instincts. No other Tree-Dog Kennel can boast that 99% or better of their pups are Satisfying their customers and making natural Tree-Dogs year after year from 1987-present.

We started breeding gun dogs in 1971 and are the founders who developed this pure bred breed of Mt. Cur 31 years ago and built there outstanding reputation around the world. They are considered the "Thoroughbred" of the cur dog world. As you can see in the photo's above our pups are virtually clones of one another in looks, but also in the woods and is why they have such a high percentage (99% today) of satisfaction with hunters around the world and make excellent companion family pets as well as farm working dogs, with the best guarantee in the dog world, a 100% Life-Time Satisfaction Replacement Guarantee!

They also have the same outstanding percentage as Companion Pets and when used for Service Dogs, Dogging Coyotes, Search Rescue, Drug & Bomb dogs, Antler Shed dogs, and just about everything else canine possible. This is because they have a "STRONG WILLINGNESS TO PLEASE", their owner/s and are of the highest intelligence. Regardless what you want one for, we Guarantee your Satisfaction for their Life!

MVC Litters Available!
"Life-Time 100% Satisfaction Guarantee"
If at any time you are not completely 100% satisfied with your MVC from us, just return for a free replacement pup. Over 99% of our customers have been 100% satisfied regardless what they purchased their dog to do!


World Wide Shipping available.

"Life-Time 100%  Satisfaction Guarantee"

Please note, that all MVC's to be used for breeding MUST first be Certified in an approved title and be IPDBA registered. ALL our MVC's have been TREE DOG CERTIFIED!

Our Yellow MVC pups are $500.00 each, male or female.
We  currently have two outstanding proven Certified Tree Dog, Yellow, MVC females in with two outstanding proven Certified Tree Dog, Yellow, MVC Studs who may be bred but not showing yet. Check back for updates.

 "Life-Time 100% Satisfaction Guarantee"

Breed Founders, Supreme Grand Master Breeder, Life-time Breed Advisors, Mike & Marie Bloodgood, please only email us

Please note: Because of Michael J. Bloodgood's neck injury he has difficulty looking up to search for treed game, because of this his son had hoped to continue the MVC breeding program by now, but unfortunately, his job has him working long hours. Mike & Marie will continue raising a few MVC litters annually from their Tree Dog Certified MVC's and will maintain the same highest breeding standards and outstanding reputation they have had for over 31 years.

Please be advised that after receiving dozens of complaints each year from their many unsatisfied customers, which include several questionable litter registrations, plus several attempts of avoiding or cheating the certification process over the years,  many complaints of running a Puppy Mill, not abiding by their word/guarantees, for giving of false witness of others and about their dogs bloodlines, continuing to sell known aggressive unpure bloodlines, and knowingly selling Parvo sick pups without proper vaccinations and many complaints of mix breeding and sell pup as MVC's without MVC papers and from uncertified dogs.

Roy Pennell, owner of Pennell's Treeing Kennel, in Elizabethtown, Illinois, has been found guilty of committing several MVCA Code of Ethics Violations and has been BANDED indefinitely from the MVCA and from ALL future IPDBA registrations.

The Pennell's have forfeited all rights of use of the Mountain View CurTM Trade Mark and are no longer permitted to "promote", "offer for sale", or "register" their dogs as "Mountain View Curs" in ANY advertisements or in or with ANY other registry.

Please Note!
MR. PENNELL DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME BLOODLINES!  He was/is breeding bloodlines culled over 25 years ago because of aggressive and un-pure Mt. Cur bloodlines. These bloodlines are BANNED from the MVC Breed!

Please note: Only, the IPDBA registry has legal permission to use the Mountain View Cur or MVC Trade Mark names (Please see MVCA Code of Ethics) and IPDBA is the Official  Registry of the "Mountain View Cur" breed.

ALL violators including other registries and/or persons will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Please, report all COE and/or Trade Mark violations to MVCA and/or IPDBA.

   Please don't forget to bookmark this page for future reference.

September 10, 2018

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by the Mountain View Cur Association, all rights reserved.
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