MVCA Code of Ethics


    In breeding of Mountain View Curs, emphasis shall be placed on good health, stable temperament, intelligence,  natural hunting, and treeing ability, consistent with the MVCA Breed Standards. I agree to breed with discrimination and with the best interest of the Mountain View Cur breed in mind.

    I agree to keep accurate records of all matings and to follow proper registering procedures and to register all eligible dogs and litters with the International Progressive Dog Breeders' Alliance 'IPDBA'. I agree to send all papers of deceased or culled puppies and dogs to the registry, so that the registry can keep accurate and up-dated records. I will send copies of all hunt and show receipts to the IPDBA office.

    I shall use for breeding only healthy, IPDBA permanently registered dogs that have met the MVCA Breed Standard both in ability and confirmation. Males and females should not be bred until they are at least one year old and only after being inspected and recognized as a certified and will encourage the breeding of ONLY certified  ( permanently registered ) Mountain View Curs by others.

    I agree to maintain a good standard of health and care including adequate room for exercise, clean quarters, adequate food and water, regular worming, parasite controls, and adequate immunizations.

    I will never sell non-IPDBA registered (out crossed puppies or dogs) to the public "AS" Mountain View Curs. I understand that the Mountain View Cur is a legal Trademark owned by Michael J. and Marie A. Bloodgood and only allowed to be used by the International Progressive Dog Breeders' Alliance registry. Only IPDBA registered Mountain View Cur pups or dogs may be registered, advertised, or sold using the Mountain View Cur trademark name and reputation.
    When selling a MVC pup or dog, I shall ascertain that the buyer understands all necessary care, handling, and training to get the most out of their purchase and to make myself available to give advice when asked.
    All guarantees should be specified clearly and understood between you and the buyer before purchase. I shall supply all necessary papers and  encourage the buyer to follow the necessary steps to certify and permanently register his/her dog with the IPDBA in his or her name.
    All IPDBA puppies and dogs sold must receive immunizations appropriate to age and should be free of external and internal parasites (worms, ticks, fleas, mites, fungus, etc.).

    Advertising, oral or written, shall be factual. I shall represent the Mountain View Cur dogs, breed, owners, and IPDBA registry, with the utmost respect and highest regard. I will price my puppies and dogs reasonably, but high enough to reflect the high quality and years of hard work behind the Mountain View Curs and not to undermine other Mountain View Cur breeders. I will NEVER us the Mountain View Cur name when promoting non-certified MVC's not IPDBA registered or other dogs or breeds of dogs.

    I shall conduct myself always in a manner that reflects credit upon the Mountain View Cur breed and me, especially when attending hunts and shows as an exhibitor or spectator. I shall abide by the various registries and clubs rules and customs. I shall be a good loser and a gracious winner, remembering that having healthy, natural, pleasure tree dogs is much more important than winning trophies and titles.

    The MVCA strongly recommends that all transactions be in writing. This includes stud service agreements, breeding rights,  breeders or sellers guarantees on pups, dogs, deposits for pups, etc. The MVCA also recommends that receipts be issued for all payments and deposits. If problems arise later, it is difficult to determine a fair course of action when agreements were verbal and cash changed hands without receipts.

    Shipping can be a frightening experience for any animal; consequently the MVCA
recommends that, if possible, the pup be picked up by its new owner. If this is not possible, the only method of shipping that we recommend is air freight arranged directly with the airline, preferably counter-to-counter. This will specify exact routing and arrival time. Pups should not be shipped younger than eight weeks of age and should be in optimum condition. Always ship the boldest best pup available, because the buyer will have added expenses and is relying on your best judgment to select him a good pup.

    Upon sufficient proof of violations of the MVCA Code of Ethics, the MVCA Breed Advisers will take proper action which may result in the removal of breeder's name from the MVCA Breeder's List and barring all future registration. This Code of Ethics may be amended by the Breed Advisors and IPDBA Registry with prior notification.

    This code of ethics must be signed by the breeder, before  they can register
any litters with the IPDBA and have permission to use the MVC Trade Mark to advertise, sell, or register their dogs as "Mountain View Cur/s".

MVCA now allows the following types of Certification for the Mountain View Cur Breed;

1. Certified Tree Dog  (CTD)

2. Certified Decoy Dog (CDD) 4. Drug Dog Certified (DDC)
3. Search/Rescue Certified (SRC) 5. Bomb Dog Certified (BDC)

These are all recognized IPDBA titles and all MVC's MUST have at least ONE or more Certifications, to be permanently registered and used for breeding.

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