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   UPDATED December 2nd, 2023
    The Mountain View Cur Association
TM, accepts breeder's  Classified ads in good faith. MVCA accepts no responsibility for any unethical dealings. Those listed are held to the MVCA Code of Ethics and are raising true IPDBA Registered "Mountain View Curs" and are out of  100% inspected Certified Dogs ONLY,  for many generations (35+ years). For many years, many great MVC's were lost to the breed simply because they excelled in many different canine jobs, so even though they are still primarily used for Tree Dogs, the
MVCA Board now allows the following types of Certification for the Mountain View Cur Breed:
1. Certified Tree Dog  (CTD)
2. Cert. Coyote Decoy Dog (CDD) 3. Search/Rescue Certified (SRC)
4. Drug Dog Certified (DDC) 5. Bomb Dog Certified Dog (BDC)
6. Cert. Antler Shed Dog (CSD) 7. Cert. Game Recovery Dog (CGR)

These are all recognized IPDBA titles and all MVC's MUST have at least ONE or more Certifications, to be permanently registered and used for breeding. If you have good dogs, there is no reason not to first certify your dogs before breeding them, unless you are running a Puppy Mill!

All advertisers below must follow the MVCATM Code of Ethics/contract. Because of their strict breeding requirements, most breeders who raise a few litters annually do not require advertising to place their MVC pups, so you will never see more than a few breeder's listed at one time. Make no mistake VERY high quality MVC's are still available and are improving the percentage of OUTSTANDING dogs every generation and the BEST satisfaction (99.5%) and genetic health record of ANY breed.

MVC Breeders' Wanted!

Free listings for owners of certified IPDBA registered breeding MVC's.

Beware of imitations, if not IPDBA Registered, they are NOT Mountain View Curs!

The Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in their community. Their organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Their mission is to recognize the small business community's contributions to the U.S. economy. Each year, the  Award Program identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the area a great place to live, work and play. Mountain View Kennel, LLC. in Bonnieville, Kentucky is Awarded Best Kennel 2019!

Our 52nd Anniversary!
Breeding outstanding Natural Tree Dogs
since 1971!

Breeding pure proven Mt. Cur bloodlines of the Very Best reproducing "Certified Tree Dogs" to the Very Best reproducing "Certified Tree Dogs" generation after generation of OUTSTANDING Natural Mt. Curs Since 1987

1990 Litter of MVC's "Clones"

2008 Litter of MVC's "Clones"
As you can see our litters are uniformed in their looks as well as their extremely high intelligence, strong willingness to please, unbelievable abilities, and Natural Tree-Dog instincts. No other Tree-Dog Kennel can boast that 99% or better of their pups are satisfying their customers and making Natural Tree-Dogs as well as well tempered family companions year after year from 1987 to present. It was this unequaled high percentage of natural tree dogs and high satisfaction rate, that resulted in their great reputation and for being recognized as a separate breed, the "Mountain View Cur".

We started breeding gun dogs in 1971 and are the founders who developed this pure bred breed of Mtn. Cur over 35 years ago and built there outstanding reputation around the world. They are considered the "Thoroughbred" of the cur dog world. Even AKC as well as UKC wanted to register the MVC breed as their first cur breed, but they would not continue the Certification requirements, so they were refused. As you can see in the photo's above our pups are virtually clones of one another in looks, but also in the woods and is why they have such a high percentage (99+% today) of satisfaction with hunters around the world and make excellent companion family pets as well as farm working dogs, with the best guarantee in the dog world, a 100% Life-Time Satisfaction Replacement Guarantee!
They have also excelled as Companion Pets, Service Dogs, Dogging Coyotes, Search & Rescue, Drug & Bomb sniffer dogs, Antler Shed dogs, Game Recovery, Waterfowl retrievers (Natural retrievers), and everything else canine possible. This is because they have a "STRONG WILLINGNESS TO PLEASE" their owner/s who say they are of the highest intelligence ever found in any breed. Regardless what you want one for, we Guarantee your Satisfaction for their Life!

Our pups are from proven Certified Tree Dogs for 5+ generations and are proven repeat breeding's of natural tree dogs, natural coyote decoy dogs, game recovery dogs, and wonderful family companion dogs. Also, will make wonderful farm dogs to protect and work livestock.
We are accepting deposits now from these litters and future litters.

  Litter MV-D23
Born 10/25/23

Has 1 boy & 3 girl pups

Proven breeding multiple times with 100% Satisfaction! Natural Hard Tree Dogs and Coyote Dogging Dogs!

Sire: CTD Mtn. View Primer
Dam: CTD Mtn. View Dancette

Light Yellow Male pup, tattoo # D231

Price $500.00

Yellow Female pup, tattoo # D233

Price $500.00

These pups can be bred to E23 pups.

 Litter MV-E23
Born 11/07/23

Has 3 boy and 3 girl pups

Proven breeding multiple times with 100% Satisfaction rate!
Natural Hard Tree Dogs and Coyote Dogging Dogs!

Sire: CTD Mtn. View Gold Nugget II
Dam: CTD Mtn. View Dolly II


These pups will be fully evaluated around 12/12/23 and will be first offered to those on our waiting list. Any remaining pups will be posted here.

Taking both male and female deposits now!
These pups can be bred to D23 pups.

"Our Life-Time 100% Satisfaction Guarantee"

If at any time you are not completely 100% satisfied with your MVC from us, just return for a free replacement pup. Over 99.5% of our customers for over 36 years have been 100% satisfied regardless what they purchased their pup to do! Our MVC's have excelled in every canine field tried in, especially as natural tree dogs on squirrel/coon/bear/lion and dogging coyotes as well as many other canine jobs.

The most unified and versatile dog breed in the world!
Excellent for Natural Tree Dogs for Squirrel to Big Game.
#1 Choice for Dogging Coyotes!
Also, make awesome pets with strong willingness to please their owner.

Shipping is difficult and expensive to most locations.
Ground Pet Transport is available to all lower 48 states,

safe ground transport from our door to your door.
Best Guarantee available in all the dog world!

"Life-Time 100%  Satisfaction Guarantee"

Please note, that all MVC's to be used for breeding MUST first be Certified in an approved titles and be IPDBA registered. As always, our MVC's have all been CERTIFIED TREE DOGS and are 100% NATURAL Tree Dogs, but are also guaranteed to satisfy as they excel in all other canine fields!

Our Yellow (blond-golden-almost red), most having some white points, 6-10 week old pups are $500.00 each, male or female pups at 6-9 weeks. Please, add $30. Tax if picked up. Car Pet Transport available over lower 48 states starting as low as $350.. Airline shipping is now very limited and costs are now $650. to cover all shipping expenses to the lower 48 states.

Accepting $100. deposits now for yellow MVC pups from out litters. Another litter due any day that can be bred to pups from current litter.

Please, make out deposit checks to:
Mountain View Kennel, LLC.
11290 N. Dixie Hwy.
Bonnieville, KY 42713

Breed Founders, Supreme Grand Master Breeder, Life-Time Outstanding Breeder Award, Life-Time Breed Advisors, Mike & Marie Bloodgood,

please only email us

How we train your Mountain View Curs

For Tree Dogs.

Take a dead squirrel or coon skin and rub it on a trunk and tie a cord onto squirrel and hang it out of reach in the same tree. We go get the pup (4+ months old) and work them down wind of tree and work them toward the tree. Pup should smell scent, sniff tree and look up tree, some bark without encouragement and some don't. Pull squirrel up and down the tree until pup is barking real good and then drop the squirrel down to them for a reward and run it
up another tree and get them barking up again and let it down to them. It is very rare that a pup will show no interest, but if they don't, just wait month and try again.

As we walk back to the house we throw the squirrel holding on cord to teach them to retrieve them to us. We then make them harder to find and no longer rub on trunk just hang them out of sight, so they use scent in the air to locate and tree. We only do this a few times and once they can locate a dead squirrel high up in a pine or cedar tree so they cannot see them, they are ready to hunt. This can also be done with a coon or bob-cat skin if you hunt them. This programs them to the game you want them to hunt, makes them think game is waiting for them every time we enter a woods, learn that the game will be found up a tree, and how to wind and locate game that has never been down and to tree on body scent. This eliminates them from guessing and makes them very accurate tree dogs.

For squirrel dogs we also like to find some tall bushes lined up in a row and tie some dry squirrel tails on line of a fishing pole and set the tails on top of a bush. We the wiggle it for the pups to tree on and then make the tails look like they jumped to the next bush and so on. As the pup swings a head of the squirrel, we make them think they stopped the tails from topping and then go the other way and do the same. Within 15 mins. they now know how to stop a topping squirrel without being even hunted. Trained hundreds of our Mountain View Curs this way with 100% success.

Three Month old pup Treeing on a fresh coon skin the first time. His name is
 MVCA Hall of Famer
20 Time Supreme Grand Reproducing Ch. 

4 Time National Coon Champion
95 ASANHA High Point MVC Male of the Year
 95 Sunshine Mills Male MVC of the Year
4 Time Grand Nite Champion
95 ASANHA World Treeing Champoin

Mtn. View Gold Nugget

For Dogging Coyotes.

Use a peace of fresh/frozen coyote skin or tail and tease young pups with it and get them bitting, shacking, pulling on it, praising the pups. Then use it to lay a drag so pup can follow the sent, the pup will then be programed to follow the coyote to find it. Always, praising the pup when they find it. MVC's have a strong willingness to please their master, so praising them is very important. Once the pup is 6 or more months old, the pup will natural follow coyote tracks and when they catch up to a live coyote pack they will lead them back to the gun. Coyotes cannot stand dogs in their territory and can't resist chasing anything that runs away from them. They are so focused on what they are chasing, they don't even realize a hunter is waiting for them and will get very close to a shooter. A whole pack can be eliminated one by one on the same hunt as your MVC will run back out and lure them all back over and over again. Once your MVC understand that you will kill the coyote for them, they will become dogging coyote machines. For your dogs safty it is best to have two to protect each other from a pack.

Pair of litter-mates at 6 months old on their first dogging coyotes hunt, trained in the above manner.

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by the Mountain View Cur Association, all rights reserved.
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