MVCR Breed Standard

1. COLOR: Yellow (includes Blonde - Golden - Reddish), often with white points (white on toes, feet, chest, muzzle, forehead).

2. HEAD: Dome flat, wide between eyes, heavy muzzle, medium ears set high with control, eyes preferred dark, prominent, and expressive. Neck strong and muscular.

3. BODY: Deep chested, back straight and strong, coat smooth or rough with a soft fine undercoat.

4. TAIL: Natural bob or docked leaving enough tail to have a handle when grown, about 5-6 inches.

5. FEET: Cat paw type, strong and well muscled, set for speed. No dew-claws on hind feet. Pups born with them should not be used for breeding.

6. LEGS: Straight, muscular,  set for speed.

7. VOICE: Semi-open trailing preferred on big game and coon. Silent trailing preferred on squirrel, with a good clear tree bark that can be heard a long distance.

8. HEIGHT: Males at shoulders: 20-26 inches, average being 23 inches.
                  Females at shoulders: 18-24 inches, average being 21 inches.

9. WEIGHT: In proportion to height and body structure. Not over 60 pounds and not under 30 pounds in hunting condition. Males being heavier than the females. Ideal weight average being 45 pounds.

10. CHARACTERISTICS: Strong treeing and hunting instinct, cold nose for winding ability but will swing out with head held high and drift or cut a track in an effort to catch the game and will tree game that has left no trail. Easily discouraged from unwanted game. Courageous fighters on dangerous game, but not aggressive toward other dogs or family members and have the sense to know when there is trouble or not.  They MUST have a strong desire to please their master. When bred to like they will produce a high percentage of “Natural” tree dogs.

MVCA now allows the following types of Certification for the Mountain View Cur Breed;

1. Certified Tree Dog  (CTD)

2. Certified Decoy Dog (CDD) 4. Drug Dog Certified (DDC)
3. Search/Rescue Certified (SRC) 5. Bomb Dog Certified (BDC)

These are all recognized IPDBA titles and all MVC's MUST have at least ONE or more Certifications, to be permanently registered and used for breeding.

The Mountain View Cur Standard may be amended by the MVCA Breed Advisors and with notification to IPDBA Registry .

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